Desnos translations

Gravity Publishing, UK; not yet published; trade paper; 152mm x 228mm; subject: Poetry, translation; Also will be available as an ebook.


What do you want me to tell you?

For Theodore Fraenkel

It is pure truth
Like a thigh
My beautiful lady put your two hands
in the bunsen burner
we will see there more clarity
You are lost if you don't hurt me
a little
in order to see
more clarity
A boat stops and makes
its will
The fields of wheat publicise at length the haircut in the frigate bird style
The mysterious doorkeeper sinks
without bothering his key in your eye
after twenty years we have taken to saying his name
but posterity does not demand an identity card
for your wishes
Mine are simple
Let me drink while I am dead
and fuck the war.


About the author

Andrew Kennedy, was born in the UK and studied science at Edinburgh University. Among diverse activities he has farmed, designed games and patented a switching device. He writes fiction and non-fiction, with interests ranging from rural Basque society to cosmology and space travel.

He published The Jade Suit in 2003, an epic poem and meditation on Daoism and Chinese history, and in 2006 produced Briefing Leaders with a new analysis of I Ching and an original way of presenting Dao De Ching.

In 2009 he published Essential Personalities, and why humans found love, adapted to monogamy and became better parents, which presented an entirely new way of considering the Darwinian evolution of astrological-type personalities.

A qualified Shiatsu therapist, he published a book on the philosophy and clinical pratice of shiatsu, Shiatsu: What it is •What it does•Why it matters, in 2014.

As a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society he writes about interplanetary travel and the prospects for Humans as they attempt to cross the development threshold as a space-going civilisation.

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